Equipment, Sales & Service

Rising Sun Pottery is a Highwater Clays distributor and serves the Catawba Valley Region. We are conveniently located halfway between Charlotte and Asheville, NC and can be reached quickly from either I-85 or I-40 via Highway 321.

Rising Sun Pottery carries a full range of pottery tools and pottery related items in our retail store section. Our clay and bulk material warehouse is located on site. We carry most Highwater clay in stock, a limited selection of Standard clay (#266)(112) and have a large inventory of dry materials on hand.

As an additional service, Rising Sun Pottery will mix your glaze 
for you. Using your recipe or one of ours, we can mix wet or dry.
Wet mixing includes sieving and hydration.  If we mix using your 
recipe, that recipe is confidential. This is an excellent service for
those potters who do not have a place to store dry materials or 
who don't want to mess with mixing. All mixed glazes are 

First and foremost we want to provide you, the potter, with the 
most convenient one stop shopping experience with the best 

We are dealers for the following:
   • SkuttEvenheatL&L, and Shimpo kilns
   • SpeedballBrentSkutt and Shimpo wheels
   • BrentNorthstar slab rollers and extruders
   • Shimpo pug mills, Bluebird pug mills and mixers
   • AmacoSpectrumMayco, and Speedball glazes
   • Skutt kiln sitters and repair parts
   • MKM Pottery ToolsMichael Sherrill Mud Tools 
     and The Steve Tool
   • Large selection of tools and accessories in stock

We offer the best prices on clay, wheels, kilns and other related 
pottery equipment in the Catawba Valley Region.  Don't be fooled, 
do your homework before making your pottery purchase decisions.  
At Rising Sun, major pottery equipment sales come with free or 
reduced shipping, free delivery within a 40 mile radius from Rising 
Sun and free set-up.  It's all part of our commitment to service and 
you!  At Rising Sun we do not compete with internet sale sites. Their 
prices may be slightly lower but they do not provide after-sale 
service which we feel is an important part of who and what we are.
Finally, if we don't have what you need the first time you ask for it, 
we will have it each time thereafter!

We service:
• all types and makes of kilns.  We specialize in Skutt kiln repair and have Dawson/Skutt kiln
  sitter repair parts in stock.  Plus, our kiln repair technicians are trained to provide you with the
  best in timely kiln repair service. Gary Lee, our primary kiln repair technician attended the
  Skutt Kiln Repair Technician class in Portland, Oregon in June 2019 and is up to date on
  most all Skutt Kiln repair techniques. 
• most wheels. Rising Sun Pottery is the NC repair center for Speedball wheels. 
• extruders and slab rollers. We can provide repair service and/or repair parts for this 

Services charges:
• Service call charge:  $75 outside Lincoln County 
• Service call charge:  $50 inside Lincoln County
• Labor: $20 per hour
209 South Academy Street     Lincolnton, North Carolina 28092
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